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The following references established that various organisms have ice nucleation activity
Bacteria as ice nucleators: (Kawahara et al. 1993; Kawahara et al. 1995; Kim et al. 1987; Lindow 1983; Maki et al. 1974; Maki and Willoughby 1978; Morris et al. 1992; Wallin et al. 1979; Watanabe and Arai 1986; Worland and Block 1999)
Fungi as ice nucleators: (free-living fungi and lichen symbionts) (Kieft 1988; Kieft and Ahmadjian 1989; Kieft, Ruscetti 1990; Pouleur et al. 1992; Richard et al. 1996)

Algae as ice nucleators: (Worland and Lukesova 2000)

INA in plant tissues (Brush et al. 1994; Diehl et al. 2002; Gross et al. 1988; Krog et al. 1979)

INA in animal tissues: (Aunaas 1982; Costanzo and Lee 1995; Costanzo and Lee 1996; Duman et al. 1995; Duman 2001; Lee and Costanzo 1998)

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